Years ago, I founded a company called Destination Excellence.  The company’s core was call center consulting founded on the philosophy of excellence in the industry, which is a continuing destination and one worth pursuing.  One of my philosophies is to share information and ideas along that pursuit.

People I worked with over the years have asked me to write down my thoughts and practices so they could share them with others.  I have done so here.  I created a book on my thoughts, philosophies, and approaches that I used over decades in the industry.  I have also included white papers written over the years.

The information provided is free to the reader and can also serve as a starting point for further discussions to make us all better at what we do.  To that point, I have provided the opportunity for Q&As.  Feel free to submit your questions and thoughts.  Some will be posted with my thoughts as well to continue the discussion and expand the material.


Thank you for taking the time to read through this information and interact with me. I hope you find them beneficial to you as you pursue excellence in your career.

Brian M. Gillespie, President